“A++++ …”

It was truly our dream wedding – planned long ago – almost four years – culminating with the most amazing party and celebration. There are almost no words to tell you how thrilled I was dealing with Nina Dolin for the final run up to the event. She is a truly wonderful and incredible person. Top professional, top organizer, tops at her craft and she is more importantly to me the most caring, compassionate and fantastic person who bent and moved to my rhythm to make this a truly perfect party! I am such a type A person, but I met my match and couldn’t be happier with the experience. Every detail and request were handled with her very special care and consideration. It was truly beyond my every expectation. It was a perfect day – preceded by a perfect experience. I’ve adopted Nina so watch out… I may lure her away to hang with me in the Berkshires. You are so lucky to have her!!! I give her an A++++. She’s the best!