WHAT A VENUE! I do not have enough positive feedback to give to NYBG and I couldn’t be happier to have had my wedding here. Everything was a dream. The gorgeous ambiance speaks volumes for itself. But what truly made the wedding spectacular was the level of service. Let me start by addressing the catering manager, Chantal. When I met Chantal, I was immediately sold. Her calm demeanor, chill personality and sweet soul made me love her and want to work with her. There was not one thing she didn’t do for me. From getting the tequila I like to drink, to sourcing a Parmesan wheel for cocktail hour, and tying the napkins on the table the way I liked them, she did it all. She answered every phone call, every text and email and never told me that there was something she couldn’t do. Even when things went wrong, she was there to make sure it was made right. I truly consider her family now. She went above and beyond for me for two years and even more throughout my wedding night. I cannot thank her enough. My bridal attendant, Sasha was a pure treasure. She was with me the whole day and constantly made sure I was drinking, eating, and happy. She came to all of our photos and was so sweet to take some of her own just to send me the next day. She’s an amazing person and I was so lucky to have her. The food was out of sight!! My family is Italian so we added A LOT to the menu and there wasn’t one bad thing I had. I honestly wish I ate more but I heard it was incredible. I could cry from all of the gratitude I feel for this incredible company. My wedding day was everything I wanted and I am so glad I chose NYBG. this place will forever hold the most special place in my heart. I can’t wait to come back every year, and reminisce about the time we had.